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Malcolm Mosher, Jr. - Landscape Photography

Zoom, Pan, and Scan Panoramas

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Bodie, a ghost town the way it should be seen - with no people


Mono Lake, an April day

The Three Islands - Gaines, Negit, Paoha with winds and snow in distance

Rattlesnake Gulch

Mono Vista From Lundy Canyon


Alstrom Point overlooking Lake Powell


Bodie. June 2010

Heart attack Pano 1, Dec 09, 2012

Heart attack Pano 3, Dec 09, 2012

Lundy Canyon

Mono Lake, Fresh snow, Jan 31-Feb 2, 2014; coyote tracks


Mono Lake, June 2010, from Navy Beach

Mono Lake, June 2010, from South Tufa Overlook

Mono Lake

Lone Pine Peak and Mt Whitney

Monument Valley, Storm at Dawn

Monument Valley, Storm at Dawn, Clearing