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Malcolm Mosher, Jr. - Landscape Photography

Quick Links

Clouds over Northern Mono Basin

Mono Basin, High Country, Foliage

Rural Nevada - Decay, Decadence, Disappearing Civilization of Sorts

Chicken Point, Sedona

Odds and Ends

Lundy Canyon, mid October, 2016

Third Vacation Home

Foliage in the High Sierras, 2016

Battle Against the Weeds

Battle by Mono

Ancient Lunar Temple Ruins


Fresh Snow in Prescott, around the house


For recent trip to the Grand Canyon, click on image below

Our Lundy Lake Gardeners

October 2015

The following links are to five new zoomable panaoramas

- Mono Basin

- Mono, Black Pt, the Islands, White Mtns

- the Islands up close

- Lundy Canyon and Sierra Crest

- Bodie Heights from 15 miles away

Just Rust (click on image to enter gallery)

Two more for Ghosts of the Sagebrush





view from our daily walk

The full line of Mono Craters, from Panum Crater to the southern most of the craters.


mono castle


ml sunset

View from behind us